Kim Eric Lilot"'Love Conquers All"

Kim Eric Lilot
exclusive designs

'Amor Vincit Omnia'

Hand-fabricated in 18 karat yellow gold and Paladium white gold.
This convex shield/crest with the heraldic coat-of-arms is enameled with traditional Bavarian blue and white colors
and mounted with bas-relief seabirds (Terns) and a baroque fish.

The surrounding baroque leaf framework contains four European-cut Diamonds.

Towering above the crest is a finely chased and engraved Ruby-eyed Gryphon
grasping a 2.30 carat blue-green Pear-shaped Diamond.

Beneath the crest is a white gold banner with the black enameled motto: 'Amour Vicit Omnia' (Love conquers all)
along with a 1.09 carat blue Pear-shaped Diamond.

Measurements: 7.5cm high x 5.3cm wide.

Photo: Ronnie Tsai

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