Kim Eric Lilot, Skeleton necklace, 18kt yellow gold.


"An Articulated Tribute ToThe Ultimate Master'
18kt yellow gold necklace
(with a Platinum, bezel set 2.0ctCubic Zirconium).
Illustrated in 'Jewelry, USA'.

Property of the Oakland Museum of Art, Oakland, California.

"This piece was the result of a dream I experienced, while my wife Inga and I were in London during our 10th Anniversary. I found my self attending a ballroom dance. The personification of Death engages me in a Waltz. The music is beautiful, the dance is joyous. Life seems joyous...and here I am with Death's arms wrapped around me. A reminder of Life's transitoriness? I suddenly awoke, grabbed my sketch book and drew this image. Inga and I are still avid ballroom dancers."

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