Kim Eric Lilot, Repercussion,Saturday Night Special revolver.

Figures are of bronze. The base of Alaskan Marble.
The gun, a ' Saturday Night Special' was obtained by the Pittsburgh Police Department in a ' Gun Buy Back Program' and decommissioned.
In conjunction with the Carnegie Museum of Art an international competition, entitled ' Artists of a Different Caliber' was inaugurated. The exhibition was dedicated to increasing public awareness of unsafe firearms, to communicate a message of safety for children and to increasing the appreciation of metalsmithing and the arts.
The exhibition illustrated, in a contemporary sense, the biblical phrase, "And they shall beat their swords into plowshares..."
Chosen designs were returned with weapons. This gun came with its fingerprint-proof electrician's tape still wrapped around the handle.
It is illustrated in the Catalog and is the property of the Carnegie Museum.

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