Kim Eric Lilot, Lost in Time bracelet.

Kim Eric Lilot
exclusive designs

'Lost In Time'
Bracelet/watch 2013
Designed by Kim Eric Lilot
Manufactured and signed by Kim Eric Lilot and Werner Cronauer
Hallmarks: KEL, WC, Rolex, 18kt, 14kt, Fe
Rubellite Tourmaline
Rolex: 00 movement
Height: 3", Width: 1", Length: 3"

Photo: Hap Sakwa

"This piece represents the culmination of a life-long desire to illustrate my fascination with human drama and frailty in the face of the ravages of time.
The narrative is one of a writhing skeleton emerging from a dark void, the ashes of the past, caught in the striving for purpose.

A major inspiration for the bracelet's scheme was the dramatic emerging remains of the victims in Herculaneum from the Mount Vesuvius eruption in 79AD.

The discovery of the Rolex watch movement (now out of production) determined the bracelet's anatomical proportions. The next task was to find a source of
low-carbon iron, ideal for its durability and jet-black patina.
The search led me to a Japanese ironmonger, who provided an ingot derived from Tsuba (hand guard) of a Samurai sword.

After forging, shaping and refining the iron into the bracelet's oval, I achieved the rustproof jet-black patina by using Ohaguru,
an ancient formula developed by Japanese artisans)

I then attached the Victorian funeral-like hinge and clasp, fabricated from 18k yellow gold, to the iron with pyramid-shaped rivets.
Composed of 22 parts, the clasp is of a unique design, featuring a white gold double-spring mechanism, activated by the turning
of a high-domed cabochon Rubellite Tourmaline.

I sculpted the skeleton out of white gold and fastened it to the iron with hidden rivets.
Finally, I attached the skull to the iron with gold screws, enabling access to the watch movement for servicing applying pressure to the forehead and temples moves a folcrum-leveraged hinge, which reveals the skull's contents."

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